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About Us

1. the reverse side, as of a phonograph record.
2. a different aspect of something, especially the opposite aspect.
3. the less familiar aspect of a person or thing.
4. other side of the coin.


Flipside Works is a company providing management/marketing services for musical artists and events. We're a little different. As in... irreverent, informal, personal, and so totally committed to positive experiences.

True, we have a serious side. We're committed to achieving the best for both our clients and customers.  Artist and audience. We'll all have fun while we do it.

At Flipside Works, it's an honor and a pleasure to proudly support the artists and authors appearing on this website.


Services we provide for artists:

  • Career counselling/nurturing/development.
  • Brand identity management.
  • Festival appearance bookings.
  • Website creation/management.
  • Merchandise procurement, inventory management.
  • Social media management.
  • Recording production.
  • Tour management.
  • Publicity/press releases/collateral.


 Services we provide for events:

  • Sourcing Entertainment talent for festivals, events.
  • On-site management for festivals, events.
  • Publicity/press releases/collateral.