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Allison Flood

ph6a1935-1-crop.jpgAllison Flood is an American singer-songwriter whose roots dig as deep as the origins of the music she loves and continue to stretch out past the current boundaries of the contemporary folk genre.

Her writing style has a subtle beauty that harkens back to a rain soaked Appalachian Sunday with a voice that dances to the ancient sway of that music’s Celtic predecessor. Intimate and personal, her lyrics have the uncanny ability to capture first time listeners and convince them that they in fact were part of those nights when this burgeoning master documented her own tales of love and loss.

Allison Flood’s highly anticipated solo debut, featuring a number of guest musicians as well as producer John Condron and engineer William Aldridge of Third City Sound released on the Flipside Works label, March 1st, 2015.

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Review of Blackbird from No Depression Magazine:

"Blackbird" is a collection of beautifully crafted originals delivered with ethereal harmonies, expert instrumentation and exquisite production by John Condron with assistance by Bill Aldridge of Third City Sound.
The songs on "Blackbird" are about relationships, though they also work as precious stories told by a young mother re-entering the music business after an absence. Harmonies are the highlight of "Blackbird." The backing vocals and accompaniment on "Ties That Bind" create a Fleetwood Mac-like vibe; sounds created by guitars, harmonium and other instruments are appropriately woven among Flood's sparse acoustic guitar. There's not a note or sound that seems out of place. It's the vocals on "Blackbird" that stand out, which speaks to the strength of the songwriting and lyrics in particular.
Fans of Allison Flood's music are about to discover how wonderful it is to hear new music from her again.  (READ MORE)

-Ted Slowik, Contributing Writer