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Artists, Overview



Flipside Works are proud to represent a distinctive, select group of musical artists with shared roots and cultural origins. Each of these artists are extraordinarily talented, most of whom are contemporary singer/songwriters creating original works.

Louis Armstrong once said, “All music is folk music. I ain’t ever heard a horse sing a song.” All music is “folk” music because it’s played by folk. Similarly, all of our artists would fit into the genre of "Roots/Folk." Or even "World/Ethnic," of a peak-smoked and/or mountain hollow tinge, you may find.




Even if not immediately sounding so, Mickey Harte, Colm O’Brien, Allison Flood and John Condron cannot help but evoke hints of  “Irish.” That’s a result of their own families of origin, rooted in the traditions of Irish culture and music.

In the same way, Davey Morrison is Scot and "folk" artist. Whether performing works of Rabbie Burns or singing his own contemporary creations. Cutthroat Shamrock  and Allison Flood channel the musical traditions of Appalachia, with its deep connections to Scotland, Ireland, and Ulster. Expressed in a modern style all their own.




Flipside Works, as a company, have their own origins in Irish and Scots genres of music. Having worked the Irish Festival and Scottish Highland games circuit for a number of years, we became familiar with artists of that style, from all over the world. Yet, Flipside is not “just” about these music traditions. We hope to present a different aspect, the less-familiar, alternative viewpoint of the thing.

Each of the artists with whom we work is unique. Yet, all share common interests with us @ Flipside. We each strive for that intimate connection with you… the audience. It’s personal. Come listen to what we do. Come join our circle of friends.