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Cutthroat Shamrock


Cutthroat Shamrock...

...they hail from the land of blue smoke and white lightning, and manage to meld the traditions and rhythms of Appalachia and the bite of punk into every setting they invoke. They are six talents united in their passion for music, drink and mischief, and promise to destroy the burden of musical monotony. They are Cutthroat Shamrock and they are paving the way in Appalachian Roots Punk.

Cutthroat Shamrock combines the speed of bluegrass with the drive and energy of punk rock and then tops it all off with a little Irish/Scots influence. Fronted by dual vocals and backed by solid bass lines, the momentum gained by two drummers make this a combination to wake up any size of room. Each song sounds different from the last yet somehow familiar. train like rhythms are traded in for finger picking and the rockabilly slaps of the upright bass are replaced with long dark notes played with a bow. instrumental breaks introduce jigs and reels into almost every song, with guitar leads that would seem more at home on a fiddle or penny whistle.


Cutthroat Shamrock perform frequently at craft brewing festivals, brew pubs, and brewing establishments. Among appearances have been:  Brewgrass Asheville, Brewers Jam Knoxville, Smoky Mtn. Brewing, Highland Brewing Asheville, Appalachian Brewing Harrisburg, Frog Level Brewing NC, Growlers Beer Bistro NY, Sleepy Owl TN.

heir latest release... "A Path Less Traveled," available through CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, and website.

Sleepy Owl Brewing in Kingsport, TN name a new brew after Cutthroat Shamrock.

Cutthroat Irish Red!