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Hopstring Fest

hopstring-header.pngHopstring Festival is a 12-hour celebration of craft brewing and craft music. Specifically of the "Roots" styles of the contemporary American music scene. A one-day Saturday event in late August, Hopstring was launched in 2012.

Hopstring is the brainchild of Kathy and Mike Trizna, owners of the highly-respected and loved Chicago Street Pub.  Chi St. is actually the "musical home" of Flipsiders and we're strong supporters of The Triznas. Amazing things come out of this creative and nurturing group!

In 2014, Flipside Works became part of the management group for Hopstring Fest.  We look after Main Stage general operations as well as several other aspects of the overall event.  And, we collaborate with Flood Management Group who will look after the Secondary Acoustic Stage.

picture-122.jpgWe're very much looking forward to it all. Hope to see many of you there!  Stay tuned for more announcements including the lineup of musical artists. 


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Hopstring 2014 Montage (courtesy of Norm Smyth)