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John Condron

john-condron-press.jpg John Condron, an accomplished  singer/songwriter, producer and performer, originally hails from the Tacony neighborhood of Philadelphia.  For many years based in Chicago, John is widely recognized for his emotively intense, sonically ferocious performances while with his band, The Benefit. Today, John is more likely to be caught performing solo and acoustically at intimate venues around the Chicago area.

Steeped in the working-class surroundings of a Philly Irish neighborhood, John's music is all at once honest, personal, passionate, approachable and unique. His voice reflects his Philadelphia Boys Choir experience, yet is mature and powerful. His dexterity on strings is comparatively unmatched... elegant yet agressive... lilting and driving alternatively... often accented with wailing, rootsy slide riffs.

A Chicago music critic said of John, "Condron's acoustic performances, while emphasizing his quieter, lyrical side, are also rapturous. The singer plays his guitar like he's breaking out of jail and energetically trashes about the stage with an apocalyptic earnestness and urgency."

John's most recent album, "... if any or at all" has been released by Flipside Works.  Video of his gorgeous titles "Cards" and "Darkroom" can be found here below as well as on YouTube.

John also performs with his band, The Old Gang Orchestra.


Purchase "if any or at all" downloads here:  CD Baby

Purchase John Condron and the Benefit downloads here:  CD Baby


Website: www.johncondron.com Facebook Page:  HERE
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 Recent vid of The Old Gang Orchestra: